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Other Oil Spills

Point Fortin Oil Spill

FFOS are deeply concerned that another oil spill is occurring tonight Sunday 7th June 2020 at the Heritage Refinery Tank Farm in Point Fortin. The Police have cordoned off the area. FFOS fully disa…

Mr. Khan, Oil Spill is not False

While our sea and fish continue to be contaminated by cancer causing poly cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, the Ministry and Government have a “duty of care” to ensure enforcement of the law “without fe…

Once is an accident, but daily is negligence

Date: May 6th , 2019 Dear Editor/Newsroom, There is yet another Oil spill in our Gulf of Paria food basket-. How many oil spills must we suffer before a single culprit is brought to justice?…

FFOS calls for a hydrocarbon state of emergency

Until all oil and gas facilities are safe and regulated, FFOS call on our Government to declare “a hydrocarbon state of emergency

Another unreported oil spill at Petrotrin

Dear Editor/ Newsroom, Since 19th July 2018, there has been an oil spill at Petrotrin’s Point-a-Pierre Oil Refinery nearby the foreshore area. It is believed Tank 114 has erupted spilling oil, w…

Waste oil being dumped in Longdenville

Date: October 14th 2018 Dear Editor/Newsroom, Today (Saturday 13th October 2018) FFOS responded to calls from the local residents of Caparo Road, Longdenville. For the past 2 months, the …


Unless there is transparency there can be no sustainable development.

Waterfront Covered in Oil

When the Government turns a blind eye and allows even the smallest of Laws to be broken every Law in every corner of the country is weakened.

No Accountability in Oil Spill Disasters

Date: March 3rd, 2018 Dear Editor/Newsroom, On Friday 2nd March 2018, the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries (MEEI) reported “a 10-barrel oil spill” identifying the source as a 6-in…

Another Petrotrin oil spill, this time in Santa Flora

Petrotrin continues to frequently wreak havoc with its dilapidated infrastructure.

Accidents must not be Inevitable

Unless each one of us seize the privilege to take responsibility and to protect our vulnerable and those without a voice, the trend of institutional decay and corporate irresponsibility will continue …

Another “unreported”, “insignificant” Petrotrin Oil Spill?

Shouldn’t there be environmental transparency and accountability instead of secrecy?

Disturbing silence from PM on Regional disaster

When Ministers deliberately lie in Parliament and the Prime Minister by his silence gives consent, the respect for all Cabinet utterances, and the reputation of our beleaguered nation is brought into …

Oil Clumps have turned into tar on Bonaire’s East Coast (See downloadable pdf for videos and images)

Date: June 13th , 2017 Dear Editor/Newsroom, Oil clumps have turned into tar on Bonaire’s east coasts. Clean up efforts have begun on the oil clumps/tar polluted coastal areas Sorobon a…

Warnings must be issued

Date: June 13th , 2017 Dear Editor/Newsroom, Warnings must be Issued!!! Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) call on the Right Honourable Prime Minister to intervene and ensure Ministe…

Public Warning to Seafarers

Unless negligent officers and Companies are held accountable by OSHA and other Authorities and Agencies, they will continue to drown all of us in an endless sea of oil.

Unacceptable Secrecy at a time of national disaster

Date: May 8th , 2017 Dear Editor/Newsroom, Unaccetable Secrecy at a Time of National Disaster The reported deaths of three Venezuelan men, whose boat capsized after their engine failed wh…

What we should all know about Petrotrin’s danger

Until and unless our elected leaders act with accountability and good public administration they will continue to cause untold hardship for countless communities who are without a voice.

Petrotrin Oil Spill- An Accident or a Time Bomb?

Every time there is an oil spill, a cosmetic clean up occurs and they pretend that the problem is solved. The problem is never solved because the cause of the problem has never been addressed

Another Oil Spill

Should we not have a Law that forces all oil companies to report ALL OR ANY oil spills? How many spills are reported and how many go unreported?

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