Point Fortin Oil Spill

FFOS are deeply concerned that another oil spill is occurring tonight Sunday 7th June 2020 at the Heritage Refinery Tank Farm in Point Fortin. The Police have cordoned off the area. FFOS fully disapprove of the method of testing the Tanks by loading them with water when property damage could occur if a rupture happens, Read more about Point Fortin Oil Spill[…]

Another Chaguaramas Oil Spill

This video was recorded at 7 am this morning (6th May 2020). The oil appears to have been released during the night. As you can see in the video, it stretches for miles westward. It appears that this spilled oil is emanating from Capital Signal and was discharged from vessels that are being serviced. International oil Read more about Another Chaguaramas Oil Spill[…]

Once is an accident, but daily is negligence

Date: May 6th , 2019 Dear Editor/Newsroom, There is yet another Oil spill in our Gulf of Paria food basket-. How many oil spills must we suffer before a single culprit is brought to justice? Is our Government protecting these known violators? Shouldn’t Government enforce the Law and arrest, prosecute and incarcerate the CEOs of Read more about Once is an accident, but daily is negligence[…]

More innocents kidnapped in Venezuela

Date: January 30th 2018 Dear Editor/Newsroom, Presently, five Trinidad and Tobago citizens have been kidnapped from our maritime waters and are being held for a USD 200,000.00 ransom. In 2018 Minister Franklin Khan stated at a media conference that ‘because of our Government’s extremely cordial relationship with the Government of Venezuela, the Tank 70 oil Read more about More innocents kidnapped in Venezuela[…]

Summary Report: Dec 17th 2013 Oil Spill, La Brea, Trinidad (see downloadable PDF for media and laboratory report links)

On 17th December 2013, 7,554 barrels of Bunker C fuel oil spilled into the Gulf of Paria. It was speculated that the oil spill was a direct result of poorly maintained sea lines owned by the state owned company Petrotrin. These sea lines, which had not been inspected for over 17 years ruptured and directly Read more about Summary Report: Dec 17th 2013 Oil Spill, La Brea, Trinidad (see downloadable PDF for media and laboratory report links)[…]

Another unreported oil spill at Petrotrin

Dear Editor/ Newsroom, Since 19th July 2018, there has been an oil spill at Petrotrin’s Point-a-Pierre Oil Refinery nearby the foreshore area. It is believed Tank 114 has erupted spilling oil, which remains (up to today) contaminating Petrotrin’s Tank Farm. According to the Tank Integrity Assessment for Petrotrin, 2003 Report, Tank 114 which was constructed Read more about Another unreported oil spill at Petrotrin[…]