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2021 Paria Fuel Trading Oil Spill
Our Gulf Must Be Protected

Our Gulf Must Be Protected

Today Fishermen and Friends of the Sea – FFOS once again ventured into the Gulf of Paria after receiving reports from fishers that last night the oil spilt destroyed 4 fishers nets.

Streaks of an oil sheen and small clumps of oil were found and several pelicans were seen with oil on their bodies.

 FFOS call on the EMA and the Ministry of Energy to impose fines on Paria Fuel for their negligent conduct for failing to contain the spill and for using their vessel to mechanically break up the large clumps of oil- an act which management must be held accountable for.

FFOS call on Paria to respond- when will they start rehabilitation of the Gulf of Paria ecosystem, start cleaning of the oiled pelicans and compensate the Fishermen for time lost, for ecosystem damages and for damaged equipment!

The oil chases the fish and now our seamen must venture longer distances in search of a catch.

Prime minister Rowley is called upon to intervene….

Gary Aboud.