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2021 Paria Fuel Trading Oil Spill
Paria Fuel Are Covering Up Oil Spills.

Paria Fuel Are Covering Up Oil Spills.

SkyTruth, an international Non-Governmental Organization, which uses satellite imagery to monitor environmental threats, have indicated on their Facebook Page that there was a notable presence of oil in the Gulf of Paria since the 5th of August, 2021 from Point -a-Pierre to Claxton Bay (in the vicinity of Trinidad Cement Limited) https://www.facebook.com/110108689030166/posts/6016574371716872/

Fishermen and Friends of the Sea(FFOS) were alerted that large volumes of crude oil was observed by fishermen near Point-a-Pierre around 9:30am on August 8th 2021.  Based on Skytruth’s satellite imagery it shows that there was oil spill since 5th August 2021, which has not been made public.  Paria Fuel Trading has only made public that an “oil sheen along the Point-a-Pierre Harbour” was first observed at 7:30pm on Saturday 7th August 2021.

Both SkyTruth and FFOS cannot confirm if the 5th August oil spill was the same hydrocarbon spill that was made public by FFOS on 8th August, or if it was a separate event.

Based on satellite imagery it appears that there are a series of oil spills emanating from Paria Fuel Trading Facility at Point-a-Pierre. Why is Paria Fuel not being held accountable?

This is a clear abdication of responsibility by Paria Fuel Trading which appears to have been ignored by the Minister Stuart Young.

To date Paria Fuel has not made public the volume of oil spilled. 
Statelite Imagery dated 5th August 2021

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-12 at 12.05.52 PM.jpeg

Statelite Imagery dated Tuesday 10th August 2021 9:51am 

2 - Skytruth - 10th August 2021 oil spill.png

Statelite Imagery dated Tuesday 10th August 2021 22:17 or 10:17pmSkytruth - 10th August 2021 oil spill.png

Gary Aboud