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2021 Paria Fuel Trading Oil Spill
Has Our PM Abandoned As?

Has Our PM Abandoned As?

Day 8: Paria Fuel Oil Spill

Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) have received video reports that oil has surfaced in La Brea, Fullerton, and Cedros. This would mean that since  7th August  2021 oil has impacted:

1)Carli Bay     2) Claxton Bay 3) Caroni
4) Orange Valley
5) Cedros
6) La Brea and
7) Fullerton

FFOS call on PM Rowley, Minister Young who sits lavishly in their Cabinet ivory tower, to address our affected fishermen who for seven days have watched their livelihoods drown in the thick crude of our failing oil industry.

Have there been any Cabinet discussions for Fishermen compensation?

Have there been discussions for a proper oil spill clean-up or emergency response or rehabilitation of the Gulf of Paria ecosystem?

 The PM’s silence is deafening and makes us wonder, have our leaders abandoned us?

Gary Aboud.