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While POS Floods, Invaders Bay Bulldozed

While POS Floods, Invaders Bay Bulldozed

Date: October 11th, 2019
Dear Editor/Newsroom,

Did the EMA approve a CEC for bulldozing which is now occurring? Why has the Minister of Planning not charged the culprits? This bulldozed area is more than 2 hectares, and EMA approvals have not been granted. There is isn’t even an application!
There was no public consultation on this, the largest single land scheme in our capital city in over 50 years…. yet there is wide public interest in this space of coastline. Why is the public denied? Is this good governance?
This land was secretly privatized to party insiders who seems to be operating outside the confines of the laws of Trinidad and Tobago. and there continues to be a widespread public outcry.

In 2014 there was a similar widespread clearing and grubbing at this
location which sparked widespread public outcry and calls for the EMA to investigate. But again, no one was held accountable or charged. Can the Honourable Attorney general advise the Nation if some relatives or lawbreakers are untouchable? An EIA would mandate public consultation which would consider the concerns about Woodbrook flooding, public access to the sea, recreational space, ecosystem integrity, wetlands policy, seagrass value as a nursery, fishery considerations, cumulative impact,
the precautionary principal and if approved would mitigate to minimize impact.

FFOS remind the Minister and our Government that more than lip service is needed. In August of this year FFOS wrote to the Minister of Planning and Development Camille Robinson-Regis highlighting the need of a supplemental Environmental Impact Assessment for Invaders Bay. The Honourable Minister responded in September acknowledging the critical importance of this system to sustainable development and assured FFOS that any proposed development will take into consideration the impacts
on coastal mangrove ecosystems and ensure as far as practicable that negative impacts on coastal mangrove ecosystems and ensure as far as practicable that negative impacts on these ecosystems are minimized or mitigated. Less than a month after the Minister’s assurance, Invaders Bay is again being bulldozed.

Our caring Cabinet continues to wonder why Port of Spain keeps flooding day after day. Unless Cabinet ensures the enforcement of ALL Law “without fear or favor”, innocent stakeholders will continue to suffer the consequence of “acting in haste, and repenting at leisure”.
And we think the answer is clear to see.

Gary Aboud
Corporate Secretary

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