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Are chickens silently killing us?

Are chickens silently killing us?

Date: March 23rd 2019

Dear Editor/Newsroom,

Dear Editor,

The conservatives and farmers can say what they want about the oppression of ‘government regulations’ and their enforcement being a hindrance to ‘free enterprise’, ‘business growth’ and ‘progress’. Government regulations are always needed to protect the vulnerable from the greedy. Those who are pumping their livestock with concoctions of antibiotics to make countless millions off the public (55 million chickens consumed every year in T&T) must be regulated. There must be rules!  

  These antibiotic cocktails are being used because the conditions in which the livestock are reared are literally disease ridden, overcrowded barracoons. An absolutely filthy confined pit of viruses, disease and bacteria designed to fatten the animals quickly and restrict their movement. What is our caring government’s legislative agenda to protect our food supply, safe guard public health or even to consider the right of creatures to be treated with a minimum standard of care? Our pigs, ducks and sheep being pumped up with antibiotics to our detriment. While our cabinet is busy renting multimillion dollar buildings from its own sitting members, friends and family, who will protect us, the vulnerable public? 


Gary Aboud Corporate Secretary Fishermen and Friends of the Sea

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