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2013 La Brea Oil Spill
Official Statements on New Analysis into the La Brea Fish Kills

Official Statements on New Analysis into the La Brea Fish Kills

September 23rd 2016

Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) have addressed two open letters respectfully seeking an urgent meeting with the two highest office holders of our Republic, His Excellency Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona, and The Honourable Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley, to present unpublished and new scientific findings pertaining to the La Brea fish kills, toxicity and public health concerns.

New information has been produced by an accredited institution with professorial authority which proves definitively that there is cause for grave concern for the public health of the nation and the wider Caribbean region where our fish and shrimp are exported.

This matter is of urgent public concern because our government agencies, whom we have met with extensively, continue to avoid their obligations to investigate expeditiously, or to invoke the precautionary principal which arguably should be invoked at this time. FFOS is calling for a transparent group of both State and Civil Society Organizations – including fishermen – to establish the cause of the on-going fish kills, to eliminate this cause and to ensure the well-being of both our environment and the public health. We hope our leaders will take the time to consider this unresolved and on-going national health threat imperatively.

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