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Challenges of the Fishery
Minister, where are the so Called “Radars”?

Minister, where are the so Called “Radars”?

Date: November 15th, 2019
Dear Editor/Newsroom,

All fishers and seafarers are being warned that there is NO LAW or order on our sea! Last night armed pirates attacked us AGAIN!!!
The first call was made to the Coast Guard at 10.19pm and after repeated (10) calls the Coast Guard called us back after midnight and asked us to remove the Live posting on Facebook. The Coast Guard emergency hotline (224-3324) did work but up till 3am. They never responded saying that all their vessels were in south Trinidad. Easy to solve problems while billions are being spent.

The police responded only after it was posted live on Facebook and went viral. While the still mourning families of the 7 murdered fishers wait on our Right Honourable Prime Minister Rowley, and the very busy and Honourable Minister of National Security to respond to our
multiple weekly letters of appeal to simply meet with our experienced fishers to consider the appointment of a multi stakeholder committee who have already recommended to Cabinet 14 simple common sense easy to implement low cost efficient mechanisms for emergency response and safety at sea, nothing has been done. The Prime Minister wrote us two weeks ago and promised us a meeting with Stuart Young, but then a dreary silence and nothing! Nothing!

Why is our elected Government seemingly unresponsive to the brutality in central Trinidad? Would it be different if Tobagonians or Westmoorings were being repeatedly attacked and murdered?
Last night we had another pirate attack in Orange Valley. The pirate vessel had 6 men and several gunshots were fired at the first attacked vessel who was chased. Predictably, the Coast Guard never responded.

We appeal to our Government to get off its high horses with its billion dollar budgets and please, please consider the value of stakeholder inclusion. How many more must die before our Prime Minister considers our constructive recommendations to save the lives of our loved ones?
For further updates please call Imtiaz Khan, president of the Carli Bay Fishing Association. 765-4189

Gary Aboud
Corporate Secretary

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