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Beverage Container Bill
Can our Prime Minister Break his Silence?

Can our Prime Minister Break his Silence?

Date: October 19th, 2019
Dear Editor/Newsroom,

Plastic waste should not be the taxpayers burden whose money continues to be wasted while economic opportunities are lost. Underprivileged communities which have limited employment and which are strategically in position to earn from recycling are left out in the cold while our ecosystems and health are compromised, polluted and contaminated by plastic microfibers being released from partially decomposed plastic waste, all because our government is protecting a small clique at the expense of the public good.

The beverage containers bill has languished on our parliament shelves literally for decades. It is cutting edge environmental management that is designed to initiate and kick start a recycling sector for plastic waste and if passed, would have lifted the cost of the burden of pollution from the tax payer and place a minuscule expenditure on the corporate sector while spurning a whole new industry of waste collectors. Follow the world leaders. Its common sense.

A beverage container recycling fee is the only organized way to effectively minimize the burden on society for the collection and recycling of plastic waste. It works in every developed nation, but here we allow bad leadership and poor public administration to pass as greatness and patriotism. Instead of all these inspiring articles daily informing the public about this problem and seeking solutions when a solution has already been found, we need to press our parliamentarians to speak out and act on this already prepared legislation.

Instead of the taxpayer forced to finance the iCare programme which is collecting a minuscule fraction of plastic waste, we need informed and good leaders to act. Instead of an Attorney General who has never shared his legislative agenda why doesn’t our Government administrators protect the public purse, and pass the Beverage Containers Bill? Who in the private sector are they protecting? Millions have already been spent in special select committees discussing/amending/re-configuring this beverage containers bill.

Why has it not been passed? Prime Minister Rowley has a duty of care to our environment and our health. Can he break his silence and advise us of his Governments agenda for waste management? Until the government acts, our ecosystems, food sources and health will continue to be contaminated. While our water courses and marine environment face the threat of micro plastic contamination what is our Government waiting for? Unless we act, our waste collectors will continue to suffer the loss of a viable selfsustaining recycling economy and our health will continue to be compromised in an evergrowing sea of waste.

Sincerely, Gary Aboud

Corporate Secretary

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