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Nine years and 265M Later -is Maracas Beach a National Disgrace?

Nine years and 265M Later -is Maracas Beach a National Disgrace?

Date: September 2nd 2018

Dear Editor/Newsroom,

The Institute of Marine Affairs published the 2016 “State of the Marine Environment Report” which revealed that Maracas Beach had a “very poor” bathing quality rating due to sewage contamination. What is being done to address the seepage of pit latrines? The 1067 residents defecate on average 1067 loads per day, and they don’t have central sewage facilities. Pit latrines built without soak-away and in a low lying wetland area seep into the water table and end up on the beach.

The TIDCO bathroom facility has long been contaminating Maracas for the past decade and continues to pose a threat to beach goers health. Thirty years ago when the Maracas Beach bath and toilet facilities were constructed, the sewage treatment facility never worked. Does it work now? Now, with the increasing crowd at the beach, these facilities are still not working. Sewerage contamination is real, not imaginary.

Most of the coconut trees have been removed, all of the sea-grape trees have been removed, the seawall to curtail the sand drift has been removed, the sand has blown away and the beach has been overridden by stones and pebbles, and its scenic view is now blocked its road view mired and tainted by shoddy shacks rusted falling apart even before commissioning that are without cover or seating for patrons.

Since 2009 Maracas Beach was approved by Cabinet for a 223 million face-lift which was decreased to 120 million later under the People’s Partnership. In 2014, an additional 85 million was approved and spent followed by another 60 million in 2017, this time to “restore” Maracas Beach. [i]

A total of 256M (Million) of tax payers’ money have been spent on “facelifts” but based on today’s condition of the facilities, FFOS ask you the reader, was this money well spent, or was it squandered inflated kickbacks and schemed away to destroy the naturally and once beautiful Maracas Beach, which is now presently swimming in raw sewage?

Was a whopping 265 million used to upgrade or degrade Maracas Beach?


Gary Aboud Corporate Secretary Fishermen and Friends of the Sea

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