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Illegal Excavation of Las Cuevas Turtle Nesting Site

Illegal Excavation of Las Cuevas Turtle Nesting Site

Date: January 5th, 2018

Dear Editor/Newsroom,

Currently, excavators are modifying the course of the Las Cuevas River, where it meets the beach. The developer, George Aboud and Sons, has no environmental approval from the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) to modify this recognised turtle nesting beach.
Fishermen and Friends of Sea (FFOS) are calling on full government support and an emergency response from the EMA to apply the full weight of the Law including fines and imprisonment and protect this Leather Back and Green Turtle nesting site from reckless and illegal bulldozing being conducted in open defiance of the Law by this developer. These are fragile coastal ecosystems and that must be fully protected by the Law especially by developers who continue to knowingly violate and degrade the environment.
Three years ago FFOS had issued a Direct Private Party Action to the EMA informing them of the illegal bulldozing taking place by this same developer on the Las Cuevas Estate. Unless the Government protect turtle nesting sites, our Government is compounding the reckless and selfish conduct of misguided developers.

Attached is a video of an excavator digging on the Las Cuevas Beach taken at noon today.

Terrence Beddoe, President
Cecil “Harazi” Mc Lean, Vice President,
Gary Aboud, Corporate Secretary

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