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World Wildlife Day Message.

World Wildlife Day Message.

Today as we celebrate the importance of World Wildlife Day, Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) laments the ongoing destruction of the Aripo Savannas.  This legally designated Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA) with its rare, endangered, vulnerable, and environmentally sensitive species (ESS) such as the Ocelot Tiger Cat and the endemic Sundew are threatened by an unnecessary highway from “nowhere to nowhere” and by the unquantifiable, “well to do”, SUV land grabbers invading every boundary of this naturally occurring Savanna under the guise of landlessness. Both forest and wildlife are threatened by the vicious destruction openly permitted by careless elected officials without any oversight, regulation or enforcement of Law.

What is the logic of spending 400plus million dollars on a 5km highway which starts 300 meters from the Cumoto Road and ends 600 meters from the Guaico Road?  In other words, this highway is unusable as the adjoining connection roads have not been approved nor is there available funding to do such. It starts in the forest and ends in the forest (“nowhere to nowhere”).

FFOS condemns the Government’s senseless spending at a time of economic hardship and denounces the lack of maintenance of all of our existing roads whilst they wake up one morning saying, “let we go do this, let we go do that”.

As we mourn the ongoing loss of our forests and wildlife, we wonder, is there room for environmental sustainability and sensitivity when there is an ongoing massacre of our treasury?

FFOS continues to remind our Government that environmental degradation follows in the footsteps of economic mismanagement. Without economic management, without relevant and up-to-date legislation and without independent enforcement of regulations, there is no wildlife to commemorate today or anyday. Economic and Environmental Management go hand in hand like dhal and rice. Squander mania is the first enemy of wildlife, will deprive our vulnerable innocents and will further destroy our children’s future.


Gary Aboud 

Corporate Secretary

Fishermen and Friends of the Sea