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Politicians to blame for WASA

The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) 10Billion debt nightmare is one of many drains on our economy. Every state enterprise suffers from inflated procurement costs, kickbacks, nepotism, low productivity, overstaffing, and the sale of its assets at a fraction of its market value. Without procurement oversight every Government transaction is plagued by evil.  To understand WASA’s 10Billion debt one must

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Animal Rights

The yardstick of enforcement must be re-examined.

The ruthless drowning of dozens of birds in Cedros (see press report https://trinidadexpress.com/newsextra/exotic-birds-sacrificed-as-smugglers-throw-them-overboard/article_2192801c-a5a5-11ea-b8b8-3bcc90c1d6b8.html) by three smugglers highlights the cold blooded nature of black marketeers.   We applaud the action of our Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries,Clarence Rambharat in instructing that these smugglers also face animal cruelty charges (the maximum fine of which is 100,000TTD) in addition to their possession charges.

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Extractive Sector

Point Fortin Oil Spill

FFOS are deeply concerned that another oil spill is occurring tonight Sunday 7th June 2020 at the Heritage Refinery Tank Farm in Point Fortin. The Police have cordoned off the area. FFOS fully disapprove of the method of testing the Tanks by loading them with water when property damage could occur if a rupture happens, as many cars were washed

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Challenges of the Fishery

A call for robust management of the Sargussum threat.

This is an open letter to the Hon. Minister Clarence Rambharat. We write to urge our Government’s action on a critical regional threat. While this sudden, new phenomenon of Sargassum weed washing up on our Caribbean coasts has existed since 2011, it has gotten worse each year and could increase exponentially. Locally, our recreational beaches have been blanketed and all

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Oil Spills

Another Chaguaramas Oil Spill

This video was recorded at 7 am this morning (6th May 2020). The oil appears to have been released during the night. As you can see in the video, it stretches for miles westward. It appears that this spilled oil is emanating from Capital Signal and was discharged from vessels that are being serviced. International oil companies have a duty to

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