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Migrants Living in Squalor

Migrants Living in Squalor

Date: December 7 th, 2019
Dear Editor/Newsroom,

What FFOS had feared has come to pass. Many times, FFOS called on Minister Stuart Young to close our borders and regulate the number of refugees entering. Let’s face it, our collapsing economy has limited resources and our Government has not established any social programs to assist these refugees. The result is that they are living in squalor. It is our duty as human beings to assist the Venezuelan refugees who are already here but can our National Security Minister Stuart Young please advise us when the free flow of unregulated refugees will be stopped?

After the much touted amnesty, our maritime borders are still wide open. We regularly receive new reports of boatloads arriving under the cover of night. The Government has failed to implement workable measures to alleviate this humanitarian crisis. Not only are starving mothers and children coming in but every type of criminal and contraband, including weapons and substances, continue to flow freely into our threatened islands. The Government continues to fail to protect our national borders. Unless there is less talk and more action, every citizen will be forced to pay a price for the Government’s failure.

Sincerely, Gary Aboud

Corporate Secretary

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