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Environmental Observations
Green washing the environment

Green washing the environment

Date: February 12th 2019

Dear Editor/Newsroom,

Now that the dust has settled on the United Nations (UN) celebrated World Wetlands Day (February 2nd), Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) question the purpose of this day when everywhere in T&T wetlands are being destroyed.

What is the purpose of internationally celebrated days if the law is not enforced on the ground?

Last month the UN stated that Governments all around the world pass environmental legislation yet fail at implementing them.


Are our agencies being neutered?

In 1998 we passed the National Environmental Policy (NEP) and two weeks after we bulldozed Invaders Bay. Every day mangroves are being bulldozed.

UN environment days are becoming lip service green washing tools while we fail our children’s children, depriving them of their entitlement to a world where clean air can be breathed, fish can be caught … and eaten, clean water can be drunk, clean food can be grown… or are we already there?

Until each of us take responsibility to lead, our leaders will not follow.


Gary Aboud

Corporate Secretary

Fishermen and Friends of the Sea

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