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Government Expenditure
Hemorrhaging the Economy

Hemorrhaging the Economy

Date: July 3th 2017

Dear Editor/Newsroom,

The Honourable Minister has whitewashed this can of worms.
We quote from the Post-Cabinet Press Briefing Summary:
“Minister Cuffie noted that the Government Campus Plaza saved taxpayers $22 Million in rental fees. In 2015, when Government assumed office there was significant expenditure on buildings that were unoccupied and at present Government is not renting any unoccupied buildings.”

Please see link below for the referenced article.

Can Minister Cuffie please share with the public the listing of buildings, or parts of buildings which the Government has rented over the past 10 years?
Would the public eye not protect its purse by knowing the square footage, cost per square foot and lease agreement for each rented Government premise?
If the sincere Minister embraced accountability, he would welcome the idea of comparing private sector rental rates to his Government?
After all, if things were being done honestly, there would be no fear of public scrutiny.

Gary Aboud
Corporate Secretary

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